United Nations Association Albania (UNAA) is composed of several bodies.

The General Assembly (“GA”) is the highest decision-making body of UNAA. It consists of all members of UNAA, represented by one vote each. It convenes bi-annually to deliberate on the organizationʼs initiatives and activities, financial activity, membership, and the election of the Executive Board.

The President represents UNAA in relations with third parties. He/she/they coordinate the work of the Executive Board while ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly. The President is elected by the General Assembly and serves a two-years term.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization that focuses on strategy planning, oversight, and the achievement of UNAA’s mission and objectives. It coordinates the overall work of the organization, drafts/amends UNAA’s programs and oversees the preparation and expenditure of its annual budget. The Board of Directors prepares the annual report of the organization and submits it for approval by the UNAA’s GA. It consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and the President of the youth chapter (see UNYAA). The members of this body are elected at the General Assembly for a 2 years tenure.

The Advisory Board is a non-collegial body, whose members provide strategic support and advice to UNAA’s Executive Board. It is composed of individuals with extensive expertise and/or academic background in areas of work that span from sustainable development to human rights and security, and who share the same values and principles as UNAA. Its members are elected by the Executive Board and serve at the same time as a pool of expertise for the organization.

United Nations Youth Association (UNYAA) is the youth chapter of UNAA. It has been incorporated into the association and operates as an autonomous and transparent entity with its own by-laws. Presently it includes around fifty-five young volunteers aged between 16-27 years old who convene bi-annually to deliberate on the chapterʼs initiatives, activities, impact, membership, and the election of the Executive Board. UNYAA has been active for more than five years, during which it has implemented numerous endeavors that include, among others the MUN Albania Initiative, the Coffee Talks Series, and most recently Youtube Vlogs, Podcasts, and Movie Nights. UNYAA’s president is an ex officio member of the Executive Board of UNAA.