Youth Chapter

Blueprint (previously known as UNYAA) is the youth chapter of the United Nations Association Albania, which has been incorporated into the association and operates as an autonomous entity with its own by-laws. It currently includes around forty-five young volunteers aged between 16-27 years old, who believe that volunteerism is the ultimate exercise in democracy.

The general assembly of members convenes at least twice a year to deliberate on the chapter’s initiatives, activities, impact, membership, and the election of the Executive Board. Throughout the season of activities, members are structured into three departments, precisely Projects, Marketing & PR, and Human Resources, responsible for seeing different aspects related to the implementation of the activities.

During its five years of existence, Blueprint has implemented numerous endeavors such as the Coffee Talk Series, YouTube Vlogs, Podcasts, Movie Nights, and Model United Nations Albania Initiative, with the aim to:

  • Offer platforms for knowledge and ideas exchange.
  • Enable youth to become active agents of change.
  • Increase political participation of youth.
  • Encourage youth involvement in policy making.

The story behind the name

After careful consideration, UNAA’s youth chapter chose the name “Blueprint” as the worthy successor of UNYAA. It was selected because it effectively captures the essence and aspirations of the chapter. By invoking the concept of a blueprint, the chapter emphasizes its dedication to strategic planning and meticulous implementation. Furthermore, the term conveys a sense of perfection, symbolizing the chapter’s pursuit of excellence. Finally, a blueprint serves as a reliable guide for creating something, signifying the chapter’s goal to provide a framework for young individuals to follow in their endeavors toward positive change.

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