Skills Development

Our second program is dedicated to skills development. We recognize the educational challenges faced by the youth in Albania and the region, and we understand that education is a vital tool for individual and collective emancipation. To address this, we have implemented various initiatives that utilize peer-to-peer, learning-by-doing, game-based, non-formal, and formal education methodologies. Through these initiatives, we provide training to our young communities in a wide range of fields, including project cycle management, gender mainstreaming, public advocacy, negotiation, democratization, and more.

We are particularly enthusiastic about introducing innovative tools and approaches in Albania. One example is piloting Electionville, the first game-based activity in the country, – making Albania the first country where the format is implemented other than Sweden – where young individuals are taught about institutional decision-making and service provision at the municipal level.

We strive to bridge the gap between theory and practical application by offering hands-on exercises. Additionally, we actively collaborate with formal education structures to complement and enhance the learning experience. Our ultimate goal is to use education as a means of fostering long-term professional and civic development among the youth we serve.