Sustainable Development & Human Rights

Our first program focuses on youth participation, recognizing that the material conditions of young people can only improve when they have a real say in decision-making. For us, this is not just a theoretical concept; it is a practical approach, driven by our firm belief that youth are the best representatives of their own needs. In 2019, we pioneered the Albanian Youth Delegates to the United Nations Program. Each year, this initiative enables two young men and women to participate in international decision-making processes as part of the Albanian Delegation, including the prestigious United Nations General Assembly. 

For the first time, young people have been included in the national delegations of their countries in other international forums such as the United Nations Human Rights Council, UNESCO’s General Conference, and ECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development. Additionally, we prioritize representation and accountability by organizing various consultation and awareness-raising activities between our Youth Delegates and their peers across Albania.

We also introduced international Model United Nations (MUNs) to Albania, providing hands-on simulations of the work of the UN and other multilateral bodies. Through this, we bridge the gap between young Albanians and international policymaking, fostering exchange and collaboration with talented youth from the region and beyond. 

We firmly believe that politics and diplomacy should not be the exclusive domain of a privileged few. For this reason, we make sure that our MUNs are accessible to a wide range of participants, irrespective of their socioeconomic background.

We are not afraid of empowering the youth to take the lead. Through Blueprint, the youth chapter of our organization, we provide Albanian youth with the necessary resources to pursue their own initiatives. Every year, over 40 young individuals are trained, involved, and trusted to carry out activities aligned with their needs, inclinations, and talents. Blueprint offers a meaningful space for democratic experimentation and engagement, organizing more than 35 discussions, workshops, cultural events, and small initiatives annually. Since our establishment, over 260 young people have contributed to shaping the meaning of youth involvement through our dynamic youth chapter.