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Project Goal: The Project aims to provide the necessary framework for a youth-run initiative, namely UN Youth Association Albania, to build its capacities and mobilize resources needed within the youth work sector.

Tirana, Albania

Upgrading Youth Skills for Sustainable Action

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Project Description: Throughout its experience, UNAA has witnessed the numerous challenges youth non-governmental organizations face in their way to emerging as relevant actors of Civil Society in Albania, such as lack of public space and of institutional and financial support. Furthermore, UNAA perceives that the necessary tools and infrastructure for encouraging groups of young activists to not only initiate action, but to remain actively engaged are missing.

Through the “Upgrading Youth Skills for Sustainable Action”, UNAA aims to address said challenges that obstruct the growth and sustainability of youth initiatives. The goal is to empower a sustainable youth community and equip them with the needed capacities to undertake concrete actions in Tirana and beyond. 

The initiative aims to set up the necessary infrastructure needed to provide an environment which swiftly moves from training youth to enabling them to be active citizens and change makers. Activities include training on soft and hard skills, peer to peer education, informal open discussions on topics of interest, movie nights, community volunteerism, recreational activities, and creative mediums such as podcasts and vlogs. All this set up in an existing transparent and democratic structure aimed at activating the potential of every member.

This initiative will directly benefit around 55 youth from 16-29 years old living currently in Tirana (members of the youth chapter of UNAA) giving them a common space which serves as a hub of ideas and constructive discussions, leading to joint initiatives that will use various forms of non-formal education, activism, and trainings.