Building Partnership for Youth, Peace and Security

Building Partnership for Youth, Peace and Security

Donor: U.S Embassy in Tirana & Tirana European Youth Capita
June 2021 - May 2022
(first phase)

February 2022 - March 2023 (scale-up phase)

Project Goal: The project’s goal is to create a collaborative network involving local civil society organizations, academia, and regional and international partners. Together, they aim to advocate for the implementation of youth-friendly processes within the governing structures of Albanian foreign policy, regional cooperation, and civic education.

Project Description: This initiative is inspired by the UNSC/Res/2250 on Youth, Peace, and Security, aiming to address the lack of coordinated efforts among stakeholders for its implementation in Albania. The project seeks to initiate a nationwide movement, bringing together various stakeholders to coordinate actions, merge resources, and collectively strategize interventions. The ultimate goal is to effectively involve young Albanians in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation processes.

Moreover, with Albania securing a Non-Permanent Membership in the UN Security Council (2022-2023), the project advocates for the integration of a Youth mainstreaming component in our country’s Plan of Action. To achieve this, the initiative adopts a collaborative approach involving grassroots youth actors, regional organizations, and international stakeholders. Together, they will design a National Network on Youth, Peace, and Security, supported by data from a nationwide survey (Youth Perceptions on Peace conducted from September 2021 to February 2022) and insights from five local workshops. These events not only educate participants about Peace and Security concepts but also shape the activities of “Peace Week 2022,” – to become an annual high-point for peace talks and activities.

In essence, the initiative aims to collaboratively develop a YPS Network, fostering strategic dialogue and more effective interventions. During its expansion phase, in partnership with the National Youth Congress in Albania under the Tirana European Youth Capital 2022program, this initiative will emerge as a leading cooperation effort, positioning youth as reliable stakeholders in peacebuilding not only in Albania but also in the broader Western Balkans region. Renamed “Youth for Peace and Security,” building on first-year experiences, this project will amplify the voices of the partners of the National Network in YouTube, Peace and Security, enhance its structure and capacities, share insights with peers at the regional and international level, and advocate for policy changes with relevant public institutions.

Throughout its lifecycle, the project will focus on consolidating achieved results and establishing a robust foundation for sustainable change. Starting in 2023, UNAA’s efforts to promote peace and security through a youth lens will fall under its “Sustainable Communities Made of Us” project.

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