Upgrading Youth Skills for Sustainable Action

Upgrading Youth Skills for Sustainable Action

Donor: European Endowment for Democracy
October 2020 - December 2022

Project Goal: The project’s primary aim is to create a supportive environment for the UN Youth Association Albania (UNYAA) (now rebranded as Blueprint). We want to help them strengthen their capabilities and access the resources necessary for their work within the youth sector.

Project Description:  UNAA has observed the numerous challenges that youth non-governmental organizations face, including a lack of public spaces and limited institutional and financial support. Additionally, UNAA has noticed that the tools and infrastructure needed to encourage groups of young activists to initiate and sustain their efforts are often missing. Through the “Upgrading Youth Skills for Sustainable Action” project, UNAA aims to tackle these challenges that hinder the growth and continuity of youth projects. 

Our objective is to empower a sustainable youth community and equip them with the skills required to take concrete actions, not only in Tirana but also in broader contexts. It seeks to establish the necessary infrastructure and environment that trains youth and enables them to become active citizens and agents of change. 

This project directly benefits approximately 120 young individuals (members of the youth chapter over the years) between the ages of 16 and 29, based in Tirana. It provides them with a shared space that serves as a hub for innovative ideas and constructive discussions – ultimately leading to collaborative initiatives that utilize diverse forms of non-formal education, activism, and training.

This initiative includes soft and hard skills training, peer-to-peer education, informal discussions on topics of interest, movie nights, community volunteering, recreational activities, and creative outlets like podcasts and vlogs. In its framework, the following activities were organized: 9 Coffee Talks, 14 Movie Nights, 7 YouTube vlogs, 16 Podcasts, and 7 training sessions.